Section Officers

The Executive Committee meets four times during the year to conduct Cincinnati Section business, plan programs, and assess the Section goals. If you have any business to bring before the Committee or have suggestions for future technical meetings or workshops, please contact one of the members listed below. Please see the listing of Cincinnati Section meetings for the dates, times, and locations of the Executive Committee meetings. Titles marked with (o) begin their term in odd numbered years, and those marked with (e) begin their term in even numbered years. All elected positions serve for two years.

Elected Officers(Biographies)
Chair (o) Joseph (Jay) Perin
Vice Chair (o) Brendan Moser
Treasurer(o) Robert Schindler
Secretary (o) Sai Bonthu
Member-at-Large (o) Dave Hernandez

Member-at-Large (e)

Bob Morrison
Professional Activities Frank Zhou
Arrangements Ted Longshore
Scholarship Steve Olenick
Webmaster Brian Resnick
Membership Jay Perin

Newsletter Editor

Marc Bell
Engineering in Medicine and Biological Sciences Chapter (EMBS)


Power Systems Chapter


Mark McCloy
LIFE Member Affinity Group


GOLD Member Affinity Group


University of Cincinnati Student Branch
Student Chair Katelyn Faber

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Philip Wilsey
Miami University Student Branch
Student Chair Rebecca Stout
Faculty Advisors Dr. Mark J. Scott

Dr. Chi-Hao Cheng
Northern Kentucky University
Student Chair Tyler Staudigel
Faculty Advisor Dr. Seyed Allameh