According to Charlie Rowe who was Cincinnati Section Historian in 1960, a technical society (later recognized by AIEE) began December 17th, 1902 with 15 members. R. T. Lazier was the first chairman and L. E. Bogen the secretary. No records were found for the IRE chapter. When the Cincinnati Section of IEEE started, it had approximately 600 members and a treasury of over $ 5,700.00 coming from the two parent groups. The Executive Committee was composed of Alexander Bereskin, Chairman, John M. Morgan, Vice Chairman, Edward W. Dacey, Secretary, and John R. Gruber as Treasurer. The two past chairman of IRE (Ed Emmerling) and AIEE (Carl Evert) served as coordinators to the new merged society. Alex Bereskin remembered that a few from each parent society regretted the merger fearing their society’s interest would be swallowed up in the merger. John Gruber who became Chairman in 1965, felt that the merger had become agreeable to most because representatives of both parent societies served as section officers and committee chairman. In April, 1973, Arthur T. Kupferle, Chairman, reflected that the Cincinnati Section had just completed 10 years and had succeeded in merging into a strong technical society.

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