University of Cincinnati and Miami University Senior Project Presentations (This week)

DATE:           Thursday, April 29, 2021 

PLACE :        Virtual / On-line Meeting

TIME :           7:00 p.m. to ≈ 8:00 p.m. –  Presentation

COST:            Free with registration

ABOUT THE MEETING:   Each year the engineering students at the University of Cincinnati and Miami University complete their senior projects.  We are amazed at the talent and creativity of these students as they present their projects to us. These presentations are typically an interesting mix of hardware and software, solving problems, improving efficiencies, and creating new opportunities.

Miami University:

Investigation of Hyperdimensional Computing

Advisors:  Prof. David Hartup and Prof. Gokhan Sahin

Team Members:  Casey Corless, Jonathan Hagen, Hiep Le, Jake Russell

Project Summary: HyperDimensional Computing (HDC) is a novel AI technology first developed in 2009. This emerging computing technology is built around hypervectors. Hypervectors are vectors with high dimensionality, typically containing tens of thousands of dimensions. Inspired by the attributes of the human brain such as high dimensionality, fully distributed holographic representation, and randomness, HDC can be employed for machine learning tasks such as classification and recognition. This project explores the feasibility of using HDC machine learning algorithms for classification of texts, images, and sounds.

Solar Powered Vertical Take-Off Airplane

Advisor:  Mr. James Leonard

Team Members:  Jacob Gero, Ryan Gracia-Rodriguez, Evan Johnson, Thomas Warrick

Project Summary: The team, composed of Jacob Gero, Ryan Gracia-Rodriguez, Evan Johnson, and Thomas Warrick and advised by Mr. James Leonard, was tasked with assembling and flying an unmanned aerial vehicle at the 2021 Midwest Regional UAS Competition sponsored by NASA. This aircraft is required to have vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities, utilize a solar battery charger, fly via autopilot, drop glow sticks on a visible target from an altitude of 200 feet, and have a video camera to stream to a ground station.

University of Cincinnati:

Senior Design Research Award:  “Split Manufacturing: Dividing Designs to Enhance Hardware Security”

Daniel Mraz and Andi Thomas

Senior Design Awards:  BetterRead

CS– Isaih Lloyd, William Cupp, Maddie Eckhart, Sean Hearne

Advisor: Dr. Badri Vellambi

BetterRead is an accessibility tool meant to improve the web browsing experience for those with visual impairments. BetterRead uses machine learning to identify important content of web pages and ignore the superfluous information that someone with visual impairments shouldn’t worry about. BetterRead’s purpose is to promote diverse internet usage by allowing vision-impaired users to navigate the internet and give them experiences similar to able-bodied users. A visually impaired user surfing the web will be able to use our browser extension to get an audio description of the webpage that they are currently accessing. The web extension will use the text-to-speech API available in the user’s browser to convert the text description to audio and play that audio to the user.   POSTER

CMPE–   “Fully Operational 3D Printed Model Roller Coaster with Industrial Safety PLC Control System

Team Member:  Jared Holladay

Roller coasters are some of the most terrifying and thrilling machines ever built. They take millions of people every year on the ride of their lives and do so with an incredible level of safety. This new educational experience allows guests to “become the ride operator” as they interact with the same technology used to keep riders safe on real roller coasters in this small scale engaging setup.   POSTER

EET– “Internet of Things Smart Home

Team Members:  Kirsten Benney, Nathan Hemmelgarn, Brett Hoelscher, Jeffrey Johnson

Advisor:   Professor Xuefu (Frank) Zhou, Ph.D. Associate

The Internet of Things (IoT) conceptualizes the idea of remotely connecting and monitoring real world objects through the Internet. This concept can be applied to the home itself to improve its safety and security by connecting specialized sensors to a microcontroller that alerts users of hazards regardless of their proximity.   POSTER

EE– “Sentiment Analyis Tool

Team members:  Coleman Lyski, Jeet Shah, Tim McCabe

Advisor: Dr. Ali Minai

This project analyzes the sentiment of social media data to display trends in public opinion. Users search for a set of keywords, then data from the past week is analyzed from Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr and displayed on a graph.    POSTER:

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