March 2012- Section Meeting Information

Tour of Duke Energy’s Envision Center in Erlanger, KY

DATE:       Thursday, March 22, 2009

PLACE :    Duke Energy’s Envision Center (see below for directions)  4580 Olympic Blvd  Erlanger, KY 41018


5:30 p.m. – Social

6:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. –  Pizza and soft drinks provided 

6:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. –  Presentation and Tour


Cost:  $5 to cover the Pizza and drinks.  (Purchasing Dinner is not required to attend the meeting.)


ABOUT THE MEETING:  This month’s meeting consists of a tour of Duke Energy’s Envision Center Located in Erlanger, Kentucky, Duke Energy’s Envision Center provides visitors a dynamic experience that demonstrates the possibilities of modernizing to smart grid and energy efficient technology.The center features a movie-style studio with sets consisting of a substation with two-way digital technology, a smart home – complete with solar panels and a plug-in hybrid vehicle, an apartment complex with smart meters and a power delivery work center – monitoring conditions with real-time data. Electric poles equipped with intelligent power equipment are also staged throughout.Center visitors can watch video presentations that showcase a day in the life of a variety of energy customers in the year 2015. Visitors will also experience simulated demonstrations such as a thunderstorm, lightning strike and power outage. Home simulations feature the use of an energy-management system to control high efficiency appliances (e.g., dishwasher, water heater, HVAC equipment).Smart grid technology will enable:• Improved system reliability and operational efficiency• Quicker and more accurate response to outages• Greater customer offerings (e.g., energy efficiency programs and payment options)• New tools and programs that enable customers to predict and gain control of energy usage.The center also promotes the importance of renewable power to meet the energy needs of tomorrow and how customers can play an important role in helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

 Click on the following link to see a WKRC-TV news report on the Envision Center:


 RESERVATIONS:  (Meeting is LIMITED TO 35 ONLY ) Please make reservations for each meeting by going to:  Please click on the appropriate link and complete the reservation. 

 Reservations close at noon on March 19th, 2012.

An email to prior to the close of reservations is required to properly cancel your reservation.

 All Reservations must be made by noon, March 19, 2012

Anyone wishing to carpool please send an email to with their email, phone, area of town, and suggested meeting location and we’ll try to match up interested parties.

 Directions:4580 Olympic Blvd, Erlanger, KY 41018From Cincinnati, OH:­ Take I-75/I-71 South Continue reading


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Scanning the Past: A History of Electrical Engineering from the Past

Submitted by Marc Bell, Editor

Copyright 1997 IEEE. Reprinted with permission from the IEEE publication, “

 Harold S. Black and the Negative Feedback Amplifier

Scanning the Past” which covers a reprint of an article appearing in the Proceedings of the IEEE Vol. 85, No. 8, August 1997.

Seventy years ago this month, H. S. Black (Fig. 1) of Bell Telephone Laboratories conceived the negative feedback amplifier while aboard the Lackawanna Ferry on his way to work. Thirty years later, M. J. Kelly, president of the Bell Labs, characterized Black’s invention as ranking with the de Forest audion “as one of the two inventions of broadest scope and significance in electronics and communications of the past 50 years.” Kelly credited the negative feed­back amplifier with having made possible the long-distance telecommunications networks that covered the country, as well as transoceanic telephone cables. He noted that by 1957, the application of the negative feedback principle had transcended telecommunications and had stimulated “the entire explosive extension of the area of control, both electrical and mechanical.”

Black was born in Leominister, MA, in 1898 and grad­uated in electrical engineering from the Worcester Poly­technic Institute in 1921. That year, he joined the Systems Engineering Department of the Western Electric Company in New York City, which became part of Bell Laboratories in 1925. He frequently came to the office on Sundays to peruse technical reports on projects covering the past two decades. His initial assignment was to investigate distortion in vacuum-tube amplifiers used as repeaters in telephonic carrier systems. He undertook a laborious analysis of distor­tion and linearity requirements as a function of the number of channels and designed various amplifiers in a quest for circuits suitable for multichannel amplifiers used in tandem over long distances. During the 1920’s, he worked closely with Kelly, who was in charge of vacuum-tube research.

 In March 1923, Black attended an inspiring talk by C. P. Steinmetz, which, according to Black, provided a stimulus to his invention of a “feedforward amplifier.” This invention, which he patented in 1928, utilized biconjugate networks to isolate and cancel distortion. The technique proved fairly successful in laboratory tests but required frequent adjustment of the filament current and plate voltage Continue reading


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 IEEE-USA Contributes to Another Successful EWeek in Nation’s Capital
WASHINGTON (28 February 2012) — From Discover Engineering Family Day to the Future City Competition National Finals, IEEE-USA played a key role in last week’s successful National Engineers Week events in the nation’s capital. The IEEE/IEEE-USA New Face of Engineering — Professional Edition was also unveiled.
Discover Engineering Family Day
Family Day got EWeek (19-25 February) started a day early when 9,596 visitors came to the National Building Museum to learn about Continue reading