March 2009 – Membership News

The following individuals are IEEE members who are new to our Section:

Lucas Altman
Richard Chen
Nilesh N. Joshi
Paul Musgrave
Scott T. Piegols
Geoffrey Pierce
Jesse J. Sharpe
George Michael Shiekh
Manit Vichitchot
Charles David Walker
Andrew T. Zwit

We wish to welcome these new members to the Cincinnati Section!!!

March 2009 – History

Scanning the Past: A History of Electrical Engineering from the Past

Copyright 1995 IEEE. Reprinted with permission from the IEEE publication, “Scanning the Past” which covers a reprint of an article appearing in the Proceedings of the IEEE Vol. 83, No. 11, November 1995.

Benjamin G. Lamme and Giant Generators

One hundred years ago, a large hydroelectric power plant began operation at Niagara Falls, NY. The plant was a milestone in the history of the generation and distribution of electric power and it helped educate a generation of engineers on the advantages of alternating current. The plant was a prototype which provided enough flexibility to serve the needs of a variety of consumers both near the power plant and at remote locations. Benjamin G. Lamme played a leading role in the design of the giant generators used in the Niagara Falls power station and would later become chief engineer of the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.

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March 2009 – IEEE News

New IEEE-USA President Shares Members’ Concerns about their Careers,
Looks to the Promise of Technology

WASHINGTON (30 January 2009) — IEEE-USA’s great challenge in 2009 will be to live up to its motto, “Building Careers & Shaping Public Policy.””Never before in my memory have both of these tasks been as important as they are now,” said Dr. Gordon W. Day, who became IEEE-USA president on New Year’s Day. “Rarely have so many of our members been so concerned about the future of their careers, and rarely has a U.S. president been so committed to using technology to preserve our prosperity, keep us secure and protect our environment.”In a recent letter to President Barack Obama (, Day strongly endorsed the president’s strategy of making investments that will save or create jobs now and build a stronger America for the future.

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From Charlie’s Desk

  • We had a great turnout at last month’s meeting. Marwan Nusair’s presentation on global climate change was very compelling. It was great to see everyone.
  • At our February 26th meeting Vic Spang of the Buckeye Power Sales Company will discuss ways to install residential backup power generators. Considering the incredible weather last year, it would be a good idea to know what backup options are available. Check the meeting notice for details.
  • On February 17th the Retired Engineers and Scientists of Cincinnati will hold a meeting about “Procter and Gamble in World War II and Korean War – How a Soap Company Revolutionized the Shell Loading Industry”. The meeting is at Evergreen on Galbraith Road. Lunch will be at 11:30AM and the presentation at 1:00PM. See their website a for more information.