DATE: Thursday, April 27, 2023
PLACE : Summit Park Community Room, Blue Ash (see below for directions)
TIME : 5:30 p.m.  Social Time & Registration
  6:00 p.m.  Dinner
  7:00 p.m.  Presentation  (45-60 min)
COST $15- $20, See information in Reservations

ABOUT THE MEETING:   Top Senior Design Project presentations from the University of Cincinnati, Miami University, and Northern Kentucky University


Miami University senior capstone teams:

  • Robot Demonstrations (Jared Rozell, Kieran Thompson. Advisor:  Prof. Dave Hartup)  Abstract: Miami University demonstrates its industrial robotics lab and new robotics major with a show! Using two programmable Fanuc robotic arms, the capstone team designed an entertaining presentation including lights, audio, props, and even some robo-dancing to be shown to important visitors of the Miami Campus.
  • Self-Driving Cars on Miami Sidewalks (Jake Kelley, Johnny LeMaster, Nino McGowan, Brendan McLaughlin. Advisor:  Mr. Jim Leonard)  Abstract: In the modern world, technology is transforming every sector of our lives, and engineers are working around the world to automate everything.  With these emerging technologies, self-driving cars are one of the most sought-after tools that the average person wants to have.  Our capstone, headed by three Computer Engineering students and a Mechanical Engineering student, helped us gain a deep understanding of many of the issues that it takes to reach full autonomous driving. We are continuing last year’s project to work towards this autonomous driving sidewalk car.  This project provided us with an understanding of proper car mechanics, multi-module embedded systems, advanced computer vision systems, and an overall understanding of how to work as a team to complete this large overtaking project.

Northern Kentucky University:

  • Gesture-based American Sign Language Translation System ( Kayleigh Moore, Stefano Pecile Facuty Advisor: Dr. Mahdi Yazdanpour)  Abstract: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 5% of the world’s population experiences severe hearing loss. Approximately 9 million people in the U.S. are either functionally deaf or have mild-to-severe hearing loss. We designed and developed a pair of soft robotic gloves and a gesture-based translation interface which turns American Sign Language (ASL) into text and speech in near real-time. These wearable gloves recognize hand gestures that correspond to letters, numbers, and words in American Sign Language. We use combination of flex and tactile sensors, and accelerometers to record hand and fingers positions, movements, and orientations. All signals will be captured by a microcontroller, will be sent out to the translation interface, and then will be compared with the patterns available in our dataset using a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification model. For any matched gesture, the associated letter, number, or word will be shown on an embedded display, and the voice will be generated by the text to speech conversion module. This project aims to develop an accessible, low cost, and easy to use solution to help individuals who are deaf or have speech impairment problem to communicate directly to non‐signer people who do not know American Sign Language.
  • Development of a Novel Embedded Systems Design Kit with Modular Interchangeable Hardware Architecture (Aaron Scott, Andrew Reynolds (Andrew will not be available for the presentation) Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gang Sun)   Abstract: The accelerated evolution of computer, data storage, wired and wireless communication, sensor, and Integrated Circuit technologies has had an immense impact on embedded systems design in many types of industries. To integrate those new devices and technologies into current embedded systems learning and design processes, various engineering schools have communicated that they need new development kits for their microcontroller-related courses. The central objective of this research project is to develop and test a new, low-cost embedded systems design kit with modular interchangeable microcontroller layers. The new kit encompasses useful analog, digital, and new wired and wireless devices, but its cost and size are reduced remarkably. Additionally, a novel modular interchangeable hardware architecture was produced to facilitate several popular microcontrollers (TI, Atmel, and Microchip) being interfaced to the same main board. Ideally, this novel hardware architecture would make it possible for students to learn different microcontroller models using the same onboard devices and peripherals without paying for separate kits. No such (universal) kits are available for embedded systems learners on the market. This presentation discusses in greater detail the kit development process including schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) design, capabilities evaluation, and overall system requirements.

University of Cincinnati:  coming soon

MENU SELECTIONS:  Buffet Dinner catered by Brown Dog Café- Pecan Fried Chicken, Short Ribs of Beef, “My Mom’s Mac & Cheese”, Southern style green beans, Bread & drink

LOCATION:  Summit Park is located on Glendale Milford Road between Plainfield Rd & Reed Hartman Hwy.  ( 39.251785, -84.388237 )  4335 Glendale Milford Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45242  Adjacent to Brown Dog.

RESERVATIONS:  Please click on the appropriate link and complete the reservation.  Cost is $15 for members advanced registration.  Non-members cost is $20 cash at the door.

Reservations close at 11:59 PM on Sunday April 23rd, 2023.

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All Reservations must be made by April 23rd, 2023

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PE CREDITS:  Depending on the subject matter, attendance at IEEE Cincinnati Section Meetings now qualifies the attendee for Professional Development Hours towards renewal of Professional Engineers Licenses.  Required documentation will be available following the meeting if qualified!  The Section Meetings also provide a great opportunity to network with fellow engineers in the area.