1. Applications will be available on the Cincinnati Section IEEE Web Page:

Any student who has previously received a Cincinnati Section IEEE Scholarship is ineligible to be awarded another Cincinnati Section IEEE Scholarship.

2. Candidates can email their applications to the address below by August 1:

3. The Scholarship Steering committee will review and confirm application eligibility.

4. Up to four yearly awards will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible applications.

5. If not awarded, a member is eligible to submit a new application the following year.

6. Award monies will be paid directly to the University Bursar with Student ID and Name.

7. The awardee must be registered with IEEE National as a student member.

8. Awardee must provide their University email alias.

9. If the value of the scholarship exceeds $600, a 1099 must be filed with the IRS. This will require students to provide their SSNs upon award of a scholarship exceeding $600. A process is required to insure the privacy of the SSN is maintained. One method is to use the US Mail for the students to provide their SSNs. Other (TBD) secure methods may be considered, but will require vetting by EXCOM.