Science Olympiad seeks to raise awareness among Cincinnati area students of career opportunities in science and engineering. The annual tournament provides an opportunity for students with varying skills to compete and excel in science, mathematics, communication skills, and teamwork. An array of 46 events (23: Division B – Middle School, 23: Division C – High School) offer something for everyone from building robots and wooden bridges to physics & listening & writing skills. Team members can earn individual medals based on merit and the top teams qualify for the State Tournament at Ohio State.

The Cincinnati Science Olympiad Regional Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, March 2, 2013 at UC Blue Ash College and Blue Ash Elementary in Blue Ash.

Every year we need to recruit qualified individuals to run the different events. For each event, teams of 2 students have 50 minutes to complete a lab, an activity or exam. The tournament runs from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Event Supervisors prepare the event for the tournament based on the tournament rules, administer the exam/lab and then grade and rank the teams in their event. We have an awards ceremony at the end of the tournament to give out individual medals and team trophies.

This year, there are two events that would be suited to members of IEEE. The events are:

Shock Value (B) – Students will compete in activities involving basic understanding of electricity, magnetism and simple electrical devices.

Circuit Lab (C) – Students will compete in theoretical and practical activities involving knowledge of direct current (DC) electrical circuits.

The event rules can be provided as requested. We hope you will consider helping us at this great event.

Steve Schrantz

Tournament Coordinator, Cincinnati Science Olympiad