Title: Project HINTERNET
Students:  Benjamin Jones (EE), Ed Kimball (CS), Adam Stylinski (CompE), Stephen Zeisler (EE)
Addvisor: Howard Fan
Description: This project implements a wireless modulation scheme over the amateur
radio bands using a custom built wireless interface card and driver to communicate data over long distances.

Title: AIS Radio
Students: Jeffrey Hamm (EE), Ian Larkin (EE), Benjamin Michels (EE), Jeffrey Overbeck (EE), Advisor: Howard Fan
Description:  This project receives and demodulates an AIS signal, then displays the location of the ship that the signal is received from on a map application using Google Earth.

Title: Real-time Stereo Vision Controller
Student: John Curran
Advisor: Lei Miao
Many applications of robotics today require the perception of unknown surroundings in three dimensions to aid in obstacle detection and autonomous navigation. However, until recently, stereo vision processing required large banks of computers, or could not handle data in real-time, effectively limiting which platforms could implement this technology.

This project sets out to solve the problems in these previous implementations by leveraging the latest in DSP technology to create a real-time stereo vision system, that has a high enough resolution to be useful for navigation and obstacle detection, while being small and efficient enough to be deployed to mobile, battery powered applications.

Title: Low Air Pressure Regulator
Student:  Dung Nguyen
Advisor: Max Rabiee
Description: This project is building an electronic controller that regulates the air pressure from 0 to 120 PSI to smaller ranges from 0 to .36PSI. This small range air pressure is used to simulate the air pressure for testing environment used  at L-3 Fuzing and Ordnance Systems. At the Tech Expo, I will demonstrate the working loop control that regulates about 2psi air source to a constant air pressure from 0 to .36psi; using the data acquisition, Labview and electronic control valve. Also in future works, the project will be integrated to a microcontroller-base as a standalone unit or combined with a pc for more advanced features.

Title: The Tweetographer
Students: Billy Clifton (CS) and Alex Padgett (CS)                  Advisor: Fred Annexstein
Description: This project is a web application that collects Twitter posts from a geographic region and analyzes them to determine which ones refer to events; it displays the events on a calendar.