New Cincinnati Section Senior Member
The Cincinnati Section would like to congratulate our newest Senior Member,

Theodore Roosevelt Stoner

whose upgrade application was recently approved.If you are interested in upgrading your membership to Senior Member, please contact any member of the Executive Committee.

The following individuals are IEEE members who are new to our Section:

Christopher Anderson

Bryon Bowman

Donald Boyd

Gregory Bucks

Bryan Butsch

Stephen Byers

Eric Capal

Woo-Hyuck Choi

Larry Christy

Will Constable

Timothy Ernst

John Evangelisti

Joe Fahrnbach

Charles Faulkner

Robert Fronk

Paul Gemin

Jason Gulley

Christopher Hall

Jonathan Hegman

Naveed Hingora

Chad Holbrook

Brian Hunt

Andrew Hyder

Eric Kreit

Tuan Le

David Mancino

Sujit Mandal

John McHenry

Ryan Miller

Ankur Mishra

George Ponchak II

Matthew Reams

Kevin Rohrbaugh

Jordan Rose

Brian Rutkowski

Rocke Saccone II

Perry Salyers

Brandon Schamer

James Sciarrino

Kevin Sharp

Bryan Sheppard

Steve Sparks

Sean Suttman

David Swecker

Jeffrey Tackett

Jede Thatcher

Kathrine Tormos

Michelle Warncke

Shawn Wetzel

Seth Whitecotton

Craig Wilson

Shu Yang


We wish to welcome these members to the Cincinnati Section!!!