New Cincinnati Section Senior Member
The Cincinnati Section would like to congratulate our newest Senior Member,

Sudhir R. Kshirsagar

whose upgrade application was recently approved.

If you are interested in upgrading your membership to Senior Member, please contact any member of the Executive Committee.


The following individuals are IEEE members who are new to our Section:

Michael Bell Jarrod Newkirk
Brenda Collins Greg Nienaber
Sarjoun Doumit Travis Reed
Daniel Habes Nathan Ryan
Linda Harrell Eric Swegert
Khalid Hurayb Karl Thompson
Tyler Jenkins Daniel Thyen
Andy Keith Timothy Tolle
Caroline King Masayoshi Tsuchinaga
Steven Lambert Mark Webster
Tracy Lewis Herschel Weintraub
Greg Lewis Jeremy Wright
Joseph Merry Johnathon Yates

We wish to welcome these new members to the Cincinnati Section!!!