UC Robotics Team Will Design for Senior Citizens

The 2010 UC Robotics Team has again entered the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (http://www.igvc.org) for the 18th year.
Their project is to convert a Motorized Scooter into a computer controlled device that would permit senior citizens or people with disabilities to be transported around campus. One variation would even permit someone without arm control to use muscle or mind control. They have a special focus this year called ” Aid to the Elderly”.

They have a new donated Motorized Scooter shown at:

The Team Needs Our Help

They have asked a few engineering organizations for a small amount of funding to get a motor, a gearbox, a small laptop computer and a mind control sensor. RESC has been one of the organizations they asked. 
They also welcome your participation with the project. They meet each Friday during the academic year in Room 551 Baldwin Hall and would welcome anyone.
For the Project Brochure and details on how to contribute financially to the team, go to  https://ieeecincinnati.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/robotics-2010-brochure.pdf
If you can HELP, please contact : Dr. Hall at hallel@ucmail.uc.edu