The election for Member-At-Large is currently in progress. The top seven reasons for not receiving a ballot:

  1. I was not a member of the Cincinnati Section on November 23rd, when the ballots were sent.
  2. I do not have an email address.  We use email to contact our membership. Please get an email account and register it.
  3. I have an email address, but I have not registered it with IEEE.  Please do so; instructions below.
  4. I have registered my email address with IEEE, but my preferences are set to DO NOT SEND EMAIL.  Please adjust your preferences so that we can reach you by email.
  5. I have my Spam Filter set so that email from IEEE goes to the trash bin. Please do not block email from IEEE, instead set your preferences to receive only the items you want.
  6. I get some email from IEEE, but my preferences are set to DO NOT SEND ELECTION EMAIL.  Please adjust your preferences so that we can email a ballot to you.
  7. All of the above are fine, but previously I opted out of email from Sorry, but SurveyMoneky was chosen to send out our ballots.  Opting in now, won’t help for this year’s ballot.

If you did not receive a ballot, you can still vote.

How to Vote Without an Electronic Ballot

Email your vote to by December 20, 2009.  Include you name, membership number, and your vote.  The ballot is for Member-At-Large to serve a term from 1/1/10 through 12/31/11.  Please vote for one of the following two candidates or provide a write-in:

  • MARC A. BELL – BSEET, University of Cincinnati CAS, 1994.  Employed by Duke Energy (fka: Cinergy Corp) as a Distribution Planning Engineer since 1999 – Primary resource in planning and operating all aspects of distribution system supplying over 900 MW. Previous 15 years engineering, troubleshooting, and repair of coal and diesel generating facilities.  Board member Association of Energy Engineers, AEE. Has been serving as Member-At-Large on the Cincinnati Section Executive Committee since 01/01/08.
  • ——
  • STEPHEN J. FRIDRICK – Principal Engineer for Engine Control Software at GE Aviation.  Experienced in development of control systems and software for full authority digital engine control systems.  I have held several roles while working on multiple engine programs for large commercial transport aircraft.  My focus is now on development and verification activities for software in these systems for all commercial and military programs.  I also chair a technical design board that captures lessons learned and best practices, documents current and improved processes, and leads new technology tools introduction.  I am a Designated Engineering Representative for the FAA to find compliance against applicable regulations for control systems and software; I have held this added role since January 1994.  I am actively participating in an industry committee to revise and update guidance on software considerations for airborne systems (RTCA/DO-178B).  I began working at GE in July 1983.  Prior to that I worked at Goodyear Aerospace in Akron for six years. Earned a BSEE at the University of Cincinnati, 1977, and a MSEE at the University of Akron, 1983. IEEE member since 1977 and have been active in the Cincinnati chapter for a number of years.  I regularly participate with a Habitat for Humanity group to build houses, and am an avid woodworker, mostly building furniture.  I am married, and we have two adult children.

How to Adjust Your Preferences at IEEE

  1. Go to
  2. Click on myIEEE (a tab located in the upper-right)
  3. Login with your username and password.  Create an web account if you do not have one.
  4. Hover over the My Account tab and click on Personal Profile in the drop-down menu
  5. Login again (yes, you must login again)
  6. Click on My Account
  7. Click on Personal Profile (located in the left-hand column) to update your email address
  8. Click on Communication Preferences (located in the left-hand column)
  9. Click on the orange Edit box
  10. Make sure the check-box associated with DO NOT EMAIL is unchecked
  11. Make sure the check-box associated with All eligible voting members will receive IEEE Annual Election email notifications managed by IEEE staff is unchecked
  12. Check the electronic signature check-box, and then click Save