The following is information on the presenters and on the IEEE Awarded ECET Student Project to be  presented at the IEEE Cincinnati Section Meeting on May 21st:

Brandon Whitehead

Brandon Whitehead – Peace of Mind Seizure Alarm

Brandon Whitehead is an Electrical Engineering Technology senior student at the College of Applied Science.  His project, Peace of Mind Seizure Alarm, has received three awards at Tech Expo 2009 including the IEEE First Prize, Best of Tech Expo 2009 (the best project at the College of Applied Science) and Best EET Project. 

(NOTE: Brandon Whitehead had a prior committment and will not be present at the May 21st Section Meeting).

 Peace of Mind Seizure Alarm
There are over 500,000 children under the age of 14 who have seizures in the United States today. With no way of knowing if those children are having seizures or need medical attention when they sleep, the answer is to create an alarm system to let the parents or guardians know when a seizure is occurring. The “Peace of Mind Seizure Alarm” fulfills this roll. The alarm consists of two modules. The sensor module is placed by the bed with a probe extending between the mattress and the box spring. The probe measures the impulses created in the bed during a seizure. Once a seizure has been identified, a timer starts and measures the duration of the seizure. In addition, a wireless Radio-Frequency (RF) signal is sent out. The alarm module receives the RF signal. Once the signal has been received, an alarm will be activated, alerting everyone around it. Once the parent or guardian is alerted, they can determine if any medical attention is needed.

 Mark Naegel and Conard Carroll

Mark Naegel and Conard Carroll – DJ Sampling and Filter Unit

Mark Naegel is a Computer Engineering Technology senior student, and Conard Carroll is an Electrical Engineering Technology senior student. Both are from the College of Applied Science at UC.  Their team project, DJ Sampling and Filter Unit, has won the IEEE 2nd Prize and BEST CET Project.

 DJ Sampling and Filter Unit
Many musicians are able to use cost-effective products to produce extraordinary works.  The DJ Sampling and Filter Unit allows musicians to mix additional tracks into their performances.  The analog filters provide warm analog sound beloved by the DJ industry.  Prerecorded tracks can be placed on an SD card.  A grid of 16 buttons will allow the user to trigger playback or recording of samples.  The analog portion of this unit provides high-quality filter effects which remove specific frequencies, creating a unique effect.  Offering this type of control over the mix gives new creative possibilities to the DJ and offers a more engaging live performance.

 Adam Gregory, Chris Brown and Paul Brown

Adam Gregory, Chris Brown and Paul Brown – MeasureNet Data Acquisition Network

Adam Gregory is a CET senior student from the College of Applied Science. Chris Brown and Paul Brown are two Computer Science senior students from the College of Engineering.  Their team project, MeasureNet Data Acquisition Network, has won the IEEE 3rd Prize.

 MeasureNet Data Acquisition Network
MeasureNet’s award-winning MeasureNet network-powered data acquisition system offers a superior solution for managing chemistry teaching labs. The system’s unique design eliminates stand-alone PCs from bench tops and dramatically increases data acquisition efficiency. This redesign will enable students to experimentally obtain, graph, print, and save laboratory data both locally and on the web. With a user-friendly touch screen interface and easy-to-use MeasureNet probes, students will be measuring temperature, pH, voltage, and drop counts in no time. The new design also enables fast development of new probes and connection protocols using the industry standard Universal Serial Bus communication. With the new system, MeasureNet will continue to be a leader in the chemistry education industry.