Mary FruehwaldWine Selection 

  • I hope everyone had a good holiday season and that your new year started out well. Thank you for electing me as your chairperson for 2009/2010. We are currently planning the meetings and events for the year, and if you have any comments about the content, format, or anything else you like or don’t like about them please let me know. Send me an email at  
  • Our December meeting was a big success. Mary Fruehwald from The Wine Store, in Montgomery, served us a generous selection of holiday wines. Sparkling wines, tables wines, dessert wines, and gift wines were served in a casual interactive setting. Everyone had a great time.  
  • At this month’s meeting on January 22nd, section member Dr. Marwan Nusair will be presenting data and research that refutes the arguments given in recent global climate change arguments. Marwan is a dynamic speaker and gives a compelling engineering point of view on man-caused climate change. Check the January announcement on the website for complete details on the meeting. 
  • In this recession we are struggling through, I personally know several people who are now looking for jobs. I hope you are fairing well. If you are looking for work, take a look at our website’s listing of Cincinnati area companies. The link is “Cincinnati Companies” in the “About Us” sidebar section. There are numerous links to companies’ websites. Also, our monthly meetings are a great place to network with other engineers and find out about local companies.Take care and I’ll see you on the 22nd. Come up and say “hi”.