We had a terrific meeting on May 22.  Nine students from the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering shared their projects with us:

David Stricker, Mark Monnin, and Chris Shaw demonstrated their Wayfinder software – a UC Mobile cell phone and web application that provides walking directions for on-campus destinations.

David Beckman and Joshua Bell demonstrated their intelligent power-out flashlight – complete with hand crank and solar cells for recharging.

Logan Niehaus and Mads Almassalkhi demonstrated their new musical instrument.

Ryan McGovern and Chris Siebert demonstrated Project Mimir –  a distributed file system based on Luby’s Algorithm. 

A big thank you to Stephen Herman, student branch president, for making the arrangements.

The Section awarded prizes to three senior design projects from the College of Applied Science (these projects were on display at the Duke Energy Center the same day as our Section Meeting):

Josh Hays – GPS Logging Cycling Computer – A microcontroller project that interfaced to a GPS unit, tire rotation sensor, and heart monitor.  The LCD displayed current stats and an SD card recorded the path for playback and analysis by a PC program.

Sean McShay – Siren Detection System – A DSP application that “hears” and recognizes police and emergency vechicle sirens.

Nicholas Werner – Diabetic Foot Ulcerations Screening Shoe Sole – A shoe sole instrumented with pressure sensors was connected to a PC system for data collection and analysis.

The Section does not meet again until September 25.

Have a great summer!