We kicked off 2008 with a great, high-attendance meeting.  Many thanks to Paul Ritchie of Ethicon Endo-Surgery for an excellent presentation on his experiences with off-shore outsourcing.   Lots of good discussion. 

Also, we had many new faces, including EMBS members and students.  It was a very enjoyable evening; please spread the word, and keep coming back. 

Next up is Engineer’s Week (FEB 17-23) and our Family Day Robot activity for you and your kids (grandkids, neighbors, whomever).  Grab a kid, and get them excited about engineering.

Our February 28 meeting will feature the hot topic of Global Warming.

As always, please consider elevating your membership level to Senior Member.  It does not cost you anything (except a few minutes of your time) and it helps out the Section.  You receive a nice plaque and $25 towards IEEE items.  NOTE:  Seniors are not old, just active in engineering for at least 10 years.  Contact an officer at the next meeting for assistance in becoming a Senior Member.